What to See in Fashion for 2019

2018 was big year for the fashion industry and there are many exciting trends that we expect to see next year. Fashion industry is constantly evolving and trends are changing. However, some things remain constant no matter what because they look beautiful and can be combined with many different pieces of clothing. If you wonder what we can expect to see in fashion for 2019, the following are the main trends that will take full swing.

  • Color of gold is expected to take the main stage, as golden is labeled as new black. It`s stylish, elegant, luxurious and it is ideal for all formal occasions. Suits, shirts, skirts in gold will dominate many runway shows.
  • Tiered skirts and dresses will be very popular next year as they were this year too. Major fashion designers will make more and more of these pieces and many different versions are expected to emerge on the fashion scene.
  • Blazer`s popularity will continue to rise. Blazers can make even the simplest outlook more fashionable. It adds personality and style to the look and the monochromatic version of blazers will dominate. Light wool, leather and cotton fabric will be the main choices.
  • Knit looks and Breton stripes are good option for every season. Simplicity and elegance is what characterizes them and they both will be very popular in 2019.
  • White color is back and will dominate next year as well. It is a safe choice when you want to reach a sophisticated look. Pieces in white color are good option for any occasion, from casual to formal.
  • Tuxedos are evergreen and 2019 will be their year once again. Different versions of tuxedos are expected to emerge, with some added features that will make the outlook even more appealing.
  • Light summer dresses and micro tops will be popular in the warmer months of the year. Dresses in brighter colors will dominate the fashion stage and many fashion designers are expected to hit the market with new lines of summer dresses.
  • Patterned dresses, print suites, sophisticated skirts and tailored suits are safe option that we will see a lot in 2019. This wear will get its improvement and some added features that will make them beautiful for any occasion.

These were the main predictions about the fashion in 2019. However, major fashion designers not always share their ideas and thoughts for the upcoming season and can always surprise with something new and nice. If you follow the fashion industry closely you will see that sometimes unexpected trends emerge and sometimes past trends are coming back. World of fashion is often unpredictable, but always exciting. In any case, next year will be big for the fashion world and some major shows are coming up. If you want to be up-to-date with the latest fashion trends – follow fashion closely and expect some beautiful things ahead. One thing is certain – 2019 will be an exciting year and fashion world is never boring.

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