Summer 2018 Fashion Flashback – What We Saw

Year 2018 was very interesting for the fashion world. It will be remembered for the numerous clothing pieces that were very popular and widely worn in the summer months. Summer period is always the period when people experiment with their clothing. Warmer months give people chance to try something they do not usually wear or to add something to their wardrobe that will emphasize their style and character. There were number of things we saw in summer 2018 and the following are some of the most popular things from that period.

  • Straw bags were very popular fashion item in the summer. This trend remained even after the summer was over. Interesting shapes and designs were seen everywhere on the streets. The most popular were the straw bags in round tote.

  • Millennial pink color was very popular as well. Pink is bright color and bright colors are going hand in hand with warm weather and sunny days. Neutral light pink tone was often seen on skirts, shirts, dresses and pants. Younger generation seems to love this tone and that is one of the reasons why we saw so much of this color in the summer months of 2018.
  • Plexiglas was hugely popular as well. The see-through trend became very strong and it was seen on shoes, accessories, clothes and other items. It was very attractive trend that caught the world by a storm and spread everywhere.
  • Chokers once again were popular and it seems that this trend never goes out of fashion. The jewelry department had plenty of work this summer, selling all kinds of chokers – some for everyday use, some very elegant for more formal occasions. Kik Girls love this type of look as its trendy and sexy at the same time.
  • Kitten heels took over the streets in the summer of 2018. That is because they were more comfortable to wear than wearing five inch stilettos. Short heels were back in the mix and are expected to stay in trend as long as the weather is warm and nice.

  • Mules were a trend that stayed beyond the summer months and that is because their popularity never goes away. No matter if it were sandals, mule flats or pumps – these were widely worn by people everywhere. They brought style to the overall outlook and give an appeal of longer legs.
  • Ruffle elements cannot be forgotten on this least as the summer of 2018 was full of skirts, dresses, pants and tops in asymmetrical proportions. This trend continues to live on as the wild, summer look never goes out of fashion.
  • Wrap tops are the last item on this long list of popular fashion items of summer 2018. Cinched waists, knots and large bows were widely worn as well and were one of the highlights of the past summer.

These were some things we saw that were trendy in the summer of 2018 and there were many more as well. Main point is that some things remained to be very popular even after summer was over and they will continue to dominate the fashion scene.

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