Healthy Christmas Desserts

Christmas is the most exciting period of the year when people usually overindulge and enjoy good food. If you do not want to gain extra weight during this festive period, then good thing to know is that there are a few healthy desserts for you to try and enjoy. The following are a few healthy Christmas desserts that are both delicious and easy to prepare.

  • Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies without gluten are favorite dessert to many that want to taste something healthy, yet tasty. Instead using white sugar for making these cookies, they are made by using coconut sugar, apple sauce and chia seeds. Cookies are less sugary and do not contain fats, but are still sweet enough to satisfy your needs.
  • Pumpkin cheesecake is another healthy dessert that sounds like it’s full of calories, but it really isn`t. The key is to swap a few main ingredients with healthier alternatives. Pumpkin is very healthy and contains many helpful nutrients, but most of the popular pumpkin desserts have very little pumpkin them. However, in this dessert a real pumpkin is used and some spices are added for extra flavor. Instead of using cream cheese you should use non-fat cheese and you will make an extra-delicious pumpkin cheesecake.
  • No-bake bites made of coconut are very nice dessert that you can make in no time. These bites or small cookies do not have to be baked, as all you need to do is just shred some coconut, mix it with coconut oil, add vanilla and some sweetener that you like, blend all that for a bit and there you have it.
  • Popcorn brittle is healthy Christmas dessert because you remove peanuts from it. Peanuts are full of calories and fat, but when you remove them you can enjoy healthy snack low in calories. Of course, brittle has sugar, but you can use something different and try another alternative as well. If some of your closest ones are allergic to peanuts, then this is perfect recipe to make for the holiday season.
  • Star Mint Meringues are very tasty dessert. What makes them great is that they can be made very quickly just by whipping egg-whites and using a little bit of sugar. Cookies do not contain fat at all and are very low on calories. You can add some spice or extract if you want an extra flavor, but they will taste good any way you make them.
  • Pomegranate-Vanilla Parfaits is a perfect dessert for any occasion. It is easy to make, simple and delicious. Use some plump pomegranates to make a pudding, add some yogurt and you are done. You can also add a little bit mint or peppermint for spicier flavor or you can experiment with other extracts as well.

These were a few interesting Christmas desserts for you to try during the holiday season. All of them have in common that they are healthy, but still taste really good. Grab a bite and enjoy the holidays.

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The 3 Best Detox Drinks

If you want to shed some excessive weight or clean up your body from inside, then drinking detox drinks is the way to go. With these drinks you can immediately see good results and you will feel fresh and energized. Good thing about detox drinks is that you only need a few simple ingredients and their preparation is very quick. Just mix a few things together and you can start the process of detoxifying your organism. Remember that drinking detox drinks can help you easily flush out all toxins from your body and they can also boost your metabolism. These drinks are perfect after having a wild night.  Certainly after a one night stand via apps like Meet N Fuck apps. Make a habit to do a detox from time to time and you will avoid numerous health problems and hangovers.

Ingredients Needed for Detox Drinks

  • Lemon is one of the main ingredients in almost all detox drinks. It is natural diuretic, which means it improves the production of urine so you can quickly get rid of accumulated toxins inside your body. Excess salt and water are also flushed out easily thanks to lemon.
  • Ginger is another very common ingredient in the best detox drinks. Ginger can contribute towards losing weight by burning extra calories. It also soothes your gastrointestinal organs and improves the circulation in the digestive system.
  • Celery cleans up your stomach and provides very helpful nutrients. It is very rich in fiber and contains lots of water. Just like lemon, celery is also a diuretic so you can easily get rid of toxins by flushing them out through the urine.
  • Herbs and green vegetables round up the ingredients needed for making the best detox drinks. Green vegetables include spinach, parsley, kale and mint – all of them full of powerful nutrients. They all help different organs inside your body such as your kidneys, which are responsible for the main process of detoxification. They also help your digestive tract and efficiently eliminate toxins.

Best Detox Drinks

  1. Ginger-Lemon Detox Drink is one of the best detox drinks for you to try. It is very easy and simple to prepare. All you need to do is just add some ginger in the lemon water and you are ready to go.
  2. Lemon-Mint Detox Drink is another easy to make drink that you can consume several times during the day. This drink is very refreshing and you will immediately feel energized after drinking a glass of it. It is the best alternative to juices that are full of sugar, and it can easily satisfy your thirst and hunger. Once again, just add some mint leaves and squeeze the lemon juice in a glass of water. Very simple, healthy and refreshing drink that you will love.
  3. Green Detox Drink is made by combining a few leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale and parsley. You can also add a green apple in the mix if you want to add some sweetness to the veggie flavor. This is very powerful detox drink that is full of nutrients, making you feel satisfied, energized and fresh.
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What to See in Fashion for 2019

2018 was big year for the fashion industry and there are many exciting trends that we expect to see next year. Fashion industry is constantly evolving and trends are changing. However, some things remain constant no matter what because they look beautiful and can be combined with many different pieces of clothing. If you wonder what we can expect to see in fashion for 2019, the following are the main trends that will take full swing.

  • Color of gold is expected to take the main stage, as golden is labeled as new black. It`s stylish, elegant, luxurious and it is ideal for all formal occasions. Suits, shirts, skirts in gold will dominate many runway shows.
  • Tiered skirts and dresses will be very popular next year as they were this year too. Major fashion designers will make more and more of these pieces and many different versions are expected to emerge on the fashion scene.
  • Blazer`s popularity will continue to rise. Blazers can make even the simplest outlook more fashionable. It adds personality and style to the look and the monochromatic version of blazers will dominate. Light wool, leather and cotton fabric will be the main choices.
  • Knit looks and Breton stripes are good option for every season. Simplicity and elegance is what characterizes them and they both will be very popular in 2019.
  • White color is back and will dominate next year as well. It is a safe choice when you want to reach a sophisticated look. Pieces in white color are good option for any occasion, from casual to formal.
  • Tuxedos are evergreen and 2019 will be their year once again. Different versions of tuxedos are expected to emerge, with some added features that will make the outlook even more appealing.
  • Light summer dresses and micro tops will be popular in the warmer months of the year. Dresses in brighter colors will dominate the fashion stage and many fashion designers are expected to hit the market with new lines of summer dresses.
  • Patterned dresses, print suites, sophisticated skirts and tailored suits are safe option that we will see a lot in 2019. This wear will get its improvement and some added features that will make them beautiful for any occasion.

These were the main predictions about the fashion in 2019. However, major fashion designers not always share their ideas and thoughts for the upcoming season and can always surprise with something new and nice. If you follow the fashion industry closely you will see that sometimes unexpected trends emerge and sometimes past trends are coming back. World of fashion is often unpredictable, but always exciting. In any case, next year will be big for the fashion world and some major shows are coming up. If you want to be up-to-date with the latest fashion trends – follow fashion closely and expect some beautiful things ahead. One thing is certain – 2019 will be an exciting year and fashion world is never boring.

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2019 Fall Favorite Food Recipes

When the weather turns cooler you can keep yourself warm if you try some great fall recipes. Most of them can be prepared quickly and there are many beautiful recipes. The best favorite food recipes are all made with seasonal ingredients like apple, pumpkin and squash. In fall there are many soups and stews for you to try, as well as chili that will warm you up during the chill fall period. The following are some of the favorite fall food recipes for 2019 and there are many more others. You can experiment and make an own favorite fall recipe as well. Let`s take a look of the favorite food recipes for the autumn season.

  • Pumpkin Chili is one of the top food recipes for fall. This food is made by combining chunks of pumpkin together with black beans, ground pork, number of different spices, and a little bit of beer. You can prepare this great food in under one hour, which is perfect when you want something quick and delicious. In this recipe the pumpkin provides a bit of its natural sweetness, and it tastes great when there are different seasonal spices mixed together. If you do not have fresh pumpkin available, you can use some hard squash as a substitute. The beer in the recipe adds rich flavor and a bit of bitterness that balances well with the sweetness of the pumpkin.
  • Apple cobbler is another delicious thing to make in the fall. The filling of the cobbler needs to be seasoned with vanilla, lemon, and cinnamon and the crust can be speckled with some ginger. The preparation time of apple cobbler takes about half an hour and you have up to eight serves with the cobbler you make. The main ingredients are various cooking apples, butter, sugar, flour, lemon juice, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. This is a perfect food for the cool fall days.

  • Mushroom Barley Soup is very popular fall food and barley is the main ingredient in it. Many restaurants are adding this recipe to their menus because it is tasty, it can keep you warm, and it is very healthy soup. In this recipe, barley is added in a vegetarian soup together with fresh and dried mushrooms and several seasonings. Balsamic vinegar and soy sauce are also added and they provide both sweetness and saltiness. Barley and mushrooms have always been a great combination, very popular in number of great dishes across the world.
  • Potato Herb Tart rounds up the list of 2019 fall favorite food recipes. This is a delicious appetizer that will tickle your taste buds and it looks well too. It is very simple – it only involves puff pastry, potatoes, olive oil, and a few herbs. Puff pastry usually comes in extremely thin sheets, so all you need to do is just unwrap it and that is it. If you are planning a party or want to prepare something quick, then this is the recipe to try.
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Summer 2018 Fashion Flashback – What We Saw

Year 2018 was very interesting for the fashion world. It will be remembered for the numerous clothing pieces that were very popular and widely worn in the summer months. Summer period is always the period when people experiment with their clothing. Warmer months give people chance to try something they do not usually wear or to add something to their wardrobe that will emphasize their style and character. There were number of things we saw in summer 2018 and the following are some of the most popular things from that period.

  • Straw bags were very popular fashion item in the summer. This trend remained even after the summer was over. Interesting shapes and designs were seen everywhere on the streets. The most popular were the straw bags in round tote.

  • Millennial pink color was very popular as well. Pink is bright color and bright colors are going hand in hand with warm weather and sunny days. Neutral light pink tone was often seen on skirts, shirts, dresses and pants. Younger generation seems to love this tone and that is one of the reasons why we saw so much of this color in the summer months of 2018.
  • Plexiglas was hugely popular as well. The see-through trend became very strong and it was seen on shoes, accessories, clothes and other items. It was very attractive trend that caught the world by a storm and spread everywhere.
  • Chokers once again were popular and it seems that this trend never goes out of fashion. The jewelry department had plenty of work this summer, selling all kinds of chokers – some for everyday use, some very elegant for more formal occasions. Kik Girls love this type of look as its trendy and sexy at the same time.
  • Kitten heels took over the streets in the summer of 2018. That is because they were more comfortable to wear than wearing five inch stilettos. Short heels were back in the mix and are expected to stay in trend as long as the weather is warm and nice.

  • Mules were a trend that stayed beyond the summer months and that is because their popularity never goes away. No matter if it were sandals, mule flats or pumps – these were widely worn by people everywhere. They brought style to the overall outlook and give an appeal of longer legs.
  • Ruffle elements cannot be forgotten on this least as the summer of 2018 was full of skirts, dresses, pants and tops in asymmetrical proportions. This trend continues to live on as the wild, summer look never goes out of fashion.
  • Wrap tops are the last item on this long list of popular fashion items of summer 2018. Cinched waists, knots and large bows were widely worn as well and were one of the highlights of the past summer.

These were some things we saw that were trendy in the summer of 2018 and there were many more as well. Main point is that some things remained to be very popular even after summer was over and they will continue to dominate the fashion scene.

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